Optical Auto Detailing services include:

Auto Wash

Exterior Wash and Wax (Stage 1)

1 hour 30 minutes and up • $50-80

Gentle hand wash and wax. Includes cleaning of the wheels, wheel wells, door jams, fuel door, and windows. High-powered air and new/never used microfiber towels are used to dry the vehicle. This is done to ensure no additional scratches or swirls are introduced to the vehicle. Finishing up with your choice of wax or sealant will be applied to provide protection to your vehicle.

Exterior Polish

Exterior Polish (Stage 2)

2 hours 30 minutes and up • $125-155

All of Stage 1 plus a clay bar treatment (if needed) and full exterior decontamination to remove embedded contaminants. This will be followed by a single stage paint correction process to remove light scratches and swirls in the paint. This will increase your vehicles shine and give your paint a deep wet look.

Polished Car

Exterior Full Correction (Stage 3)

4 hours 30 minutes and up • $300-500

All of Stage 1 plus a clay bar treatment (if needed) and full exterior decontamination to remove imbedded contaminants. This will be followed by a multiple step paint correction process. This includes the use of different combinations of compounds and polishes. This service removes and/or mitigates medium depth scratches and produces the highest levels of shine. This service ensures a show car shine!

Exterior Polish

Ceramic Coating

2 hours 30 minutes and up • $80-200

Add protection from the elements with ceramic coating. Add this service to your Exterior Stage 2 or 3 detail to ensure your newly polished paint continues to look flawless for years to come. Ceramic coatings can also be applied to wheels, interiors, and windows. We have different coatings lasting anywhere from 1-7 years of protection. *Depending on the coating, a two week wait time may be applicable for us to receive the specialty product.

Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning (Stage 1)

1 hour and up • $50-80

Thorough vacuuming of interior, trunk, and all compartments. All surfaces will be blown out with air to dislodge stubborn dirt. This will be followed by all surfaces being wiped down using cleaners, brushes, and microfiber towels to eliminate dust and dirt build up throughout the interior.

Interior Restoration

Interior Deep Cleaning (Stage 2)

2 hours 30 minutes and up • $80-110

Stage 1 plus a deep shampoo and extraction of all fabrics. This will remove most stains, discoloration, and smells in the fabrics within the vehicle. Vehicles with leather will be safely cleaned and conditioned to bring back the look and feel of the leather, and protect it from fading.

Interior Restoration

Interior, Fabric, and leather Protectant

30 minutes and up • $30-80

Add protection to your interior with our interior coatings. These coating a will ensure the next time a liquid is spilled in your vehicle; it will wipe up with ease and help to avoid leaving behind a stain.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

1 hour 30 minutes and up • $50

Clean and rejuvenate your headlights. This removes the yellowish tint caused by oxidation, leaving behind crystal clear headlights. This service also helps to increase visibility at night when using your headlights as more light is able to pass through the now transparent headlight lens.

Clean Engine Bay

Engine Bay Cleaning

1 hour and up • $50

Get your engine looking like new again! Engine bays will be degreased and cleaned thoroughly and safely avoiding any electrical components. All plastics and rubbers will be dressed with a moisturizer and protectant to avoid premature fading of color due to high heats within the engine bay.

Scratch Removal

Individual Scratch Removal / Mitigation

30 minutes and up • Estimates given in person

Deep scratches that go too deep into the clear coat or even into the basecoat of paint require either light sanding and polishing or touch up paint followed by sanding and polishing. Touch up paint may never look as good as new, but it will help to prevent rusting of the metal exposed by the scratch. Each scratch will be assessed on a case by case basis in order to see how it can be fixed or mitigated.

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