About Us

Optical Auto Detailing is a veteran owned and operated company. The company started in Florida and has recently moved to the greater St. Louis area.

The owner and head detailer, Matthew Spinney, is a veteran of the U.S. Army, the FL. National Guard, and a current part-time Defense Contractor who trains the U.S. military. His love of cars and detailing has stemmed from his family, where his father has been in the automotive industry his entire life. Matthew’s automotive career started back in 2007 when he began his first job in the automotive industry and became an ASE certified mechanic. He was always passionate, and slightly OCD, in maintaining his own vehicles appearance. A few years later he joined the military and started automotive detailing on the side as his fellow soldiers and leadership identified his apparent “Attention to Detail”. Detailing for Matthew, which was once just a hobby, has transformed into a career, as his passion for vehicles has continued to grow throughout the years. Over the years during and after his military career, Matthew and his father worked on many project vehicles along side companies such as Snap-On Tools, Shell Oil, 3M, Planet Color, JL Audio, Ireson Motorsports, Wilwood Brakes, Flitz Polish, and many more. Multiple SEMA vehicles have been built to support these companies and their amazing products.

Matthew Spinney has attended trainings hosted by Rupes, Chemical Guys, Smart Wax, 3M and more to ensure his skills are honed in, and he can provide the best work for his customers. Currently, he is working to obtain the International Detailers Association (IDA) Certified Detailer (CD) and Skills Verified (SV) certifications.